LAHORE    -    A 20 years record of rainfall was broken as the City re­ceived 234 mm of rain in 7 to 8 hours of continuous down­pour on Thursday. The heavy rains which started in the wee hours inundated the low-lying areas, causing water accumu­lation on the streets and roads in different neighborhoods. Life in Lahore city came to a standstill for hours as various streets of the city were pre­senting the view of ponds. The highest rainfall in the city was recorded in Tajpura where about 234mm of rain was re­corded. Water entered resi­dential areas and penetrated into the homes. The roof of a house in Islampura collapsed, as a result of which two people were seriously injured. The heavy rain and blowing wind caused more than 200 LESCO feeders across the city to trip. Most of the areas remained without electricity and water for several hours. The down­pour which started at 2.15 am between Wednesday and Thursday night, continued till 10.20 am Thursday morning. Afterwards, light rain contin­ued intermittently throughout the day, causing the mercury to drop to 25 degrees celsius. Various roads and streets in many localities turned into ponds and streams with water gushing out of them. The post-rain situation in city’s posh neighbourhoods like Gulberg, Cavalry Ground, Model Town and Defence Housing Author­ity (DHA) was no different. Also, rainwater accumulated in the nursing hostel and blood bank of the General Hos­pital Lahore. Patients and their families faced severe difficul­ties in transporta­tion to nursing hostels and blood banks. Moreover, the roofs of the gynecology block and operation theater began to leak with rain­water. It took the WASA adminis­tration several hour hours to drain out water accumulated in different areas of Lahore city in­cluding Lakshmi Chowk, Railway station, Tajpura, Dharampura, Lahore Board of­fice, Jinnah Hospital, , Defence, Gaddafi Stadium roundabout, Iqbal Town, Islampura, Shah Jamal, Johar Town, Zahoor Elahi Road, Jail road and many other areas.

The Met officer has pre­dicted that the recent spell of rain was likely to continue till 26th of July. The Met of­fice recorded 63.1mm to 234mm of rain in different areas of Lahore.

According to the data shared by Met office, Jail Road received 74.2mm, Lahore Air¬port, 188.9 mm, Lak¬shmi Chowk 141mm, upper Mall 114mm, Mughal¬pura SDO of­fice 171mm, Head office WASA Gulberg 73mm, Taj­pura SDO office 234mm, Nishtar Town Director of­fice 116mm, Chowk Na­khuda 159mm, Pani Wala Talab 131mm, Farrukhabad 119mm, Gulshan-e-Ravi 128mm, Iqbal Town SDO office 63.1mm, Samanabad SDO office 88mm, and Johar Town 121mm of rain. MD WASA Ghafran Ahmed visited various areas of the city like, G-block disposal station and B-block Tajpura scheme dis­posal station. MD WASA and claimed that all the disposal stations are operational and generators are being used during power outages.