ISLAMABAD - A meeting of Islamabad Environment Board was held under the chairmanship of Chairman CDA at CDA Headquarters. The meeting was also attended by the President of Islamabad Horticulture Society including DG Environment, Chief Metropolitan Officer, ICT officers, representative of Ministry of Climate Change, DG Parks, Director Environment (Regional).

On this occasion, it was decided to make a 30 year comprehensive environment management plan to make Islamabad city more beautiful, green and attractive. This plan based on tree planting in Islamabad over the next 30 years, a solid waste management plan and a green waste management plan.

It was further decided at the meeting that under the Environmental Management Plan, plants would be planted in the city of Islamabad which would have health effects on human health and plants including wild mulberries which would have adverse effects on human health. These should be phased out and large sized plants should be planted which have a positive effect on human health so that the desired results can be achieved. In the same way, dry trees which are causing termites should be used to make park furniture.

In addition, under this plan, effective planning will be done for the disposal of solid waste while strategies will also be formulated for recycling and reusing of green waste.

It was decided at the meeting that the draft of the Environmental Management Plan would be finalized and issued after sharing it with all the stakeholders including the concerned officers.