4 drug peddlers netted, 3000 grams hashish recovered

RAWALPINDI    -   Rawalpindi police, in an action against suspected drug peddlers and other lawbreakers here on Friday, arrested four accused besides recovering over three kg hashish and other items from their possession. 

According to a police spokesman, Rawat police held Abid for having 1160 grams hashish, and Airport police rounded up an accused, namely Sarfraz, with 1500 grams hashish.

Kahuta police netted Zeeshan for possessing 600 grams of hashish, while Kalar Syedan police arrested a drug peddler, Nasir, with 550 grams of hashish.

Separate cases have been registered against all accused while further investigations are underway. 

City Police Officer(CPO), Rawalpindi, had directed the police officers to accelerate ongoing operations against drug peddlers, bootleggers, and other lawbreakers, he added.