Minister for providing egg-laying hens to farmers at subsidised rates

LAHORE   -   Provincial Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Dairy Development Syed Ashiq Hussain Kirmani on Friday directed the Rawalpindi Poultry Research Institute (RPRI) to resume its programme of providing egg-laying hens to farmers at subsidised rates. During his visit to the institute, the minister said, “We are committed to supporting our farmers and promoting the poultry industry in the province. Resuming this programme will help reduce the cost of production for farmers and increase egg production, making eggs more affordable for consumers.” The minister emphasised the need to increase the growth of egg-laying hens to meet the demand of eggs in the province. He directed the RPRI to take steps to increase the growth of egg-laying hens, including improving breeding and nutrition programmes. Agriculture and Livestock Minister Ashiq Hussain Karmani said that last year 91 thousand sets of chickens were distributed among the farmers by the institute and the number should be increased this year. He said that 450,000 eggs were produced in the Poultry Research Institute last year and 240,000 chicks were born out of them. Later, the minister planted a sapling at the premises of the institute. He also visited poultry, hatchery and disease labs and inquire about facilities from farmers.

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