5 Pakistani books of 2015-16 every book lover must read

1. A Study of Personal Names, Identity, and Power in Pakistan

Tariq Rahman

How did you get your name? Ask your parents there must be a story behind it. Author Tariq Rahman explores such stories behind the names. Naming trends in Pakistan vary greatly amongst social strata, across provincial and ethnic lines, religious inclination, urban and rural divide, family lineage, and have differed over time. Unlike some societies around the world, there is no set naming pattern here and it is generally left to the discretion of the newborn’s parents, grandparents or other family members. Tariq Rahman explores the science of names brilliantly. If you have an interest in anthropology. This one is for you.

2. End of Past

N.F. Paracha

Nadeem Farooq Paracha's "End of Past" is one of the fastest selling books of 2016. The author is a staff member of Dawn and a very famous cultural critic. In his first book, the author ponders into the events of the past which fabricated the history of Pakistan. From Politics to entertainment to sports, NFP has touched almost every significant aspect with his own flavor and observation. Those who already follow him must have a copy of this book and those who don't must not miss this one. It is a kind of book for which you can change your schedules.

3. Where Worlds Collide: Paksitani Fiction in the new millennium

David Waterman

Where Worlds Collide: Pakistani Fiction in the New Millennium brings together nine studies of English novels by Pakistani authors with one of a non-fictional tract, Kamila Shamsie’s Offence: The Muslim Case. The novel includes Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Kamila Shamsie’s In the City by the Sea and Kartography, Nadeem Aslam’s The Wasted Vigil and Maps for Lost Lovers, H.M. Naqvi’s Homeboy, Mohammed Hanif’s A Case of Exploding Mangoes, Uzma Aslam Khan’s The Geometry of God, and Sorayya Khan’s Noor.

You must have went through the above mentioned famous novels specially by Muhammad Hanif and Mohsin Hamid and if not, this book will give you the perfect guide. Besides that, it will give you the overview of  where our fiction writers stand at a global level and what they have to offer.

4. Power Failure: The Political Odyssey of Pakistani Women

Syeda Abida Hussain

Born to Syed Abid Hussain, one of the most prominent landlords of Punjab, and Kishwar, the daughter of a successful businessman of Lahore, Abida was gifted by nature with exceptional beauty and a razor sharp mind. She discusses the rough and tumble of constituency politics, becoming the first woman Chairperson of the District Council, and later the first woman to be elected to the National Assembly from a general seat. Those interested in politics and first hand primary information should soon get a copy of this one.

5. Masculinity, Sexuality, and illegal Migration: Human Smuggling from Pakistan to Europe                      

Ali Nobil Ahmad

One of the most ignored topics of recent times for Pakistan is illegal migration. The government seems to have completely forgotten its responsibility towards the youth. Ali Nobil who is currently teaching at LUMS draws upon the stories of migranst and what forced them to take the steps and the agents involved in the whole process. Apart from that he also sheds light on the paradoxes of sexuality and meaning of masculinity in Pakistan.

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