Youth unemployment

According to the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics 24℅ of the educated youth is jobless. The rate is increasing day by day. Even though people have degrees but still they fail to get a job. I agree with the fact that there are fewer jobs opportunities but every medal has its reverse side. Lack of skills is the basic reason for unemployment. Our educational system is totally ratta-based and it leads to graduates having degrees that are just a piece of paper.
The second major reason is the lack of technical education. 70% of Pakistanis have smartphones and access to the internet but 80℅ of them don’t know how to use these facilities to become independent.
The third crucial reason is a scarcity of career awareness. At the school or college level, students know only a few career options and when they enter universities they just peruse the degrees they are just aware of without exploring the others. This factor then leads to geographical unemployment.
Money making is a skill and it’s the need of time to educate our youth about this skill. Everyone is already aware of the fact that our educational system needs much more growth. I just request the concerned authorities to please start some campaign through electronic media and social media and make people aware about tons of jobs that are available online they just require a skill. People who are suffering from unemployment should explore freelancing careers instead of complaining that there are no jobs in this country.
Hunger is not the worst feature of unemployment, idleness is.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt