Deforestation in Changa Manga  

Changa Manga is the largest man-made forest in Pakistan, covering an area of 12,560 acres and boasting a diverse range of plants and animals. It is known for producing some of the finest timber in the world, and its location offers a unique opportunity for recreation and relaxation with nature.

However, the forest has been facing the problem of illegal logging for many years, which poses a serious threat to both society and wildlife. Political figures and other influential people have been disregarding laws and cutting down trees for their own needs, causing irreparable damage to the forest.

The lack of proper security measures is also a major issue for the survival of the forest. Without adequate protection, illegal hunting and poaching could lead to the endangerment of many species within a short span of time. The forest also lacks a proper boundary wall, which makes it easy for people to enter and harm the trees and animals.

To address these challenges, it is necessary to implement proper laws that apply equally to all individuals, regardless of their political or social status. Furthermore, the security staff should be provided with sufficient resources to patrol the forest day and night. The government must also expedite the construction of a boundary wall, as the current pace of work is slow and could lead to further damage to the forest.


Ellah Abad.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt