Wheels go round  

The invention of the wheel around 3500 BCE in Mesopotamia is considered one of the most significant and revolutionary inventions in human history, contributing significantly to global development. However, in Pakistan, the use of “wheels” has caused more regression than progress. The growing trend of demanding or accepting bribes and “attaching wheels to files” is a clear indication of our deteriorating moral values.

Islamic teachings are clear that bribery is a deplorable and disgraceful act, and it is perplexing that such malfeasance is prevalent in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. People are afraid to stand up for their just claims, and unjust impositions become acceptable. Officers often misuse their authority to benefit from the suffering of the common people. It is alarming that right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right for the sake of money. The common man cannot even access the death certificate of their loved ones without bribing officials, and the higher the position, the more exorbitant the rates. One must question whether our education system is to blame, where we teach children that wealth equals success but neglect to emphasize ethics and morals.

Corruption and bribery are parasitic to society, hindering its growth and development. As the Islamic Republic of Pakistan ranks as the 40th most corrupt country in the world, we must assess ourselves and take corrective actions. The betterment of Pakistan is tied to the rule of law. The involvement of higher authorities is the most crucial factor behind this prevalent issue. It is essential to introduce exemplary punishments to establish the fear of retribution. The common man should be encouraged to raise their voice against wrongdoing by establishing a powerful judicial system and witness protection programs. One must remember that it is possible to escape the ignominy of this world, but it is impossible to escape the justice of the hereafter.



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