ISLAMABAD - The controversial matter of en-masse resignation of PTI MNAs is most likely to be dealt before the presentation of federal budget 2022-23, which is scheduled to be presented by June 10. This important matter is pending in the National Assembly Speaker’s office, as the PTI’s MNAs have not shown any interest to go in person for the verification of their submitted resignations. Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, after de-sealing the resignations accepted by the former deputy speaker Qasim Khan Suri before tendering his resignation. Talking to The Nation, Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said that a chance has been given to all the PTI resigned MNAs to come and verify their resignation. “We have to take a final decision over the resignations of PTI MNAs before the upcoming federal budget 2022-23,” said the Speaker of the National Assembly, mentioning that a deadline for the verification of resignations would also be decided soon. Likewise, the pending matter of parliamentary committees would also be resolved very soon. It may be mentioned here that the verification of the PTI’s MNAs resignation has also be a trouble for the present government. The government is seemingly not in a mood to open Pandora box by accepting the resignations as by-elections would also be a daunting task over a large number of seats. The concerned office has no option but to deal with this controversial matter of resignations, as a large number of the PTI MNAs were chairing the parliamentary committees.


Likewise, a large number of parliamentary committees are headless due to absence of these members [PTI resigned members]. A troublesome situation could further create problems as over a dozen of resigned PTI MNAs would not be available to chair the meetings of the parliamentary bodies including finance division. The coalition government has to face another difficult task to complete the composition of these parliamentary bodies, as it cannot be resolved in a day. Parliamentary and constitutional experts viewed that the process of verification of PTI MNAs resignations and the formation and composition of parliamentary committees are constitutional responsibility of the concerned office. The government has to deal with this important matter in a week or so. According to the available figures a large number of the committees are currently headless. It could also become a big challenge for the present government in the coming month as the standing committees on finance and revenue of both the houses of parliament are currently headless when the federal budget is not too far. Likewise, the parliamentary committees on CPEC and Kashmir headed by Sher Ali Arbab and Shehryar Afridi of the resigned PTI members, are now headless. Moreover, PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, who was chairman of the NA Committee on Human Rights, has taken oath as the country’s new Foreign Minister. So, this important committee of parliament has become headless. The Speaker National Assembly Raja Perviaz Ashraf the other day [Friday], after the constitutional process, has declared Raja Riaz Ahmed as Oposition leader of the National Assembly. The National Assembly secretariat has also notified him as Chairman PAC.