Health crisis brewing amid heatwave conditions

LAHORE - Amid continuing heatwave conditions, a heath crisis is brewing in Lahore with hundreds of diarrhea, typhoid and other diseases patients reported at the city’s hospitals on Saturday. An alarming number of patients being brought to Lahore’s five government hospitals suffering from typhoid, gastroenteritis, diarrhea and other health conditions, doctors said. In a week there have been a total of 10,000 patients reported to different government hospitals including Jinnah Hospital, General Hospital and Services Hospital due to gastro, jaundice and diarrhea. Dr Javed Akram, the Vice Chancellor of Punjab Institute of Health Sciences, has said that in the existing weather conditions increasing number of jaundice and typhoid patients have been reported. “Substandard drinks and polluted water are the main reasons of gastro and typhoid,” Dr Akram said. He has advised residents to exercise extreme caution and avoid spicy food and refrigerated food items. He also advised general public for maximum use of fresh vegetable and fruits.

Pakistan is in the grip of a blistering heatwave, with parts of the nation already scorched by temperatures of nearly 50C as officials warn of acute water shortages and a threat to health. Swathes of Pakistan have been smothered by high temperatures since late April.


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