Courage and wisdom should be used to build the state: Shaukat Virk

Lahore   -   Founder Trustee and General Secretary of Dr. AQ Khan Hospital Trust Dr. Shaukat Babar Virk has said that courage and wisdom should be used for the construction of the state. Correct and far-reaching decisions have to be made to shape the destiny of the state through collective wisdom and planning, he said. The Pakistan Army is the protector and guardian of the state and the people. They will not allow their honor and national pride to be harmed, he added. The continuity and stability of Pakistan is conditioned by the strength of the state institutions including the Pakistan Army. The public should fully support their beloved Pakistan Army in their professional work in the state institutions and departments, he said.  In one of his statements, Dr. Shaukat Babar Virk further said that the state has given us a lot including a unique identity. Now it is our turn to repay the debt of love of the state. Why do we not remember any of our national duties while talking about our rights? He said that cleanliness is half faith, keep your environment clean to fight climate change. He said that Pakistan is our trust. Our future generations will leave no stone unturned in its development. As our forefathers entrusted Pakistan to us, our future generations will take it to greater heights. Those who propagate pessimism and do business will be disappointed in themselves because the future of Pakistan and the face of the Pakistan Army is very bright, he said.

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