My Experience with TDC

As a senior citizen based in Rawalpindi, I had little knowledge about The Diabetic Center (TDC) in Islamabad until a grave tragedy took me there. My eldest son contracted a severe infection while in Saudi Arabia for Umrah, which rapidly worsened, necessitating his admission to a hospital in Mecca. His return to Pakistan was expedited, and on the advice of friends and sympathizers, he was taken directly from the airport to TDC in a very serious condition. He was immediately admitted and later underwent major surgery by renowned vascular surgeon Dr. Faizan Nihal. Now, as an outpatient, he periodically visits TDC for check-ups and dressing changes.

During these agonizing days, I was greatly distressed and shattered. However, with divine blessings, I gradually recovered as I observed the best personalized treatment and care provided to my son, who, by the grace of Almighty Allah, responded well to the treatment and is improving. I request my readers to pray for his complete recovery.

By this letter, I wish to acknowledge the superb services provided by TDC. Our surgeon, Dr. Faizan Nihal, and his team of doctors and paramedics performed with competence, compassion, and commitment. A pleasant surprise was the visits from the hospital’s top hierarchy, including the Chairman, the CEO, and others, who inquired about the patient’s health. The hospital, located near the Murree Expressway Toll Plaza, is beautifully designed and equipped with all the diagnostic facilities needed for diabetes-related ailments. The environment is serene and healthy, and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

The hospital primarily operates as a charity, allocating a significant budget for the poor and vulnerable. Specialized and quality services are provided to them through donations from philanthropists. I appeal to my fellow countrymen to donate generously to this noble cause.



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