Scandal-Ridden Country

Pakistan has become a scandal-ridden country, with a new scandal emerging every now and then. The wheat scandal is currently making headlines. In the past, we have had the Panama Leaks scandal, Iqama scandal, Dawn Leaks scandal, fake degrees scandal, and many more. I am struggling to see what good has come from these past scandals after they were dealt with by the previous governments and courts. A scandal implies a crime or wrongdoing. Let us examine what crime has been committed by previous governments in allowing the private sector to import wheat for the country’s food security.

The past governments allowed the import of wheat based on reliable forecasts prepared by the concerned ministry, showing a shortfall of wheat supply in the country compared to its demand. In my opinion, the past governments tried to ensure food security by allowing the import of wheat. The imported supply helped stabilize the price of atta in the market. In view of the foregoing, I do not believe there is any substance or wrongdoing in the wheat scandal. I think the reporting and highlighting of such scandals harm the country’s already struggling economy.



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