BAHAWALPUR – The Bahawalpur police claimed to have arrested three suspects for illegally dealing in cellular companies’ Sims and recovered 14 illegally activated and more than 1,000 new Sims along with 30 mobile phones from their possession.

The police also recovered looted jewellery and other goods as these illegal Sims were used in crimes and terrorist activities, said DPO Sohail Habib Tajik in a press-conference.

The DPO disclosed that it was brought out through the kidnapcase of Dr Saeed Ahmed of Quetta who was kidnapped for ransom and a case was registered in this regard at Police Station Saryab Road, Quetta under section, 365/A of case No.298/12 dated 16 Oct.2012.

The Bahawalpur police responded to the intimation of the CCPO Quetta for cooperation in the kidnapping for ransom case of Dr Saeed Ahmed as the Sims used in this case was reportedly activated from Ahmedpur Sharqia, Bahawalpur district.

The DPO deputed Uch Sharif SHO Shafqat Rasool to investigate the case and he under the supervision of the DPO started investigations on technical lines and succeeded to trace the gang. The police started investigation into the case under Section  109, 419, 420, 469, 470 and Section, 34/35, 36 and 37 of & ATA, ETO  dated November 14, 2012 under case No.646/12 and arrested Muhammad Ahmed, Irfan and Imran Shah.

The arrested suspects revealed that they were involved in the illegal activity to get the given target of the wholesale companies and activate the new Sims on fake names and national identity cards. They got help from the Election Commission’s voter lists and activated around 10,000 new Sims on the names of those people who were listed in the voters’ lists and sold these unlawfully activated Sims in other cities too, they admitted.