Drug dealing thrives under police nose

VEHARI-Under police patronage, Christian Colony here has become the hub of the narcotics and liquor sale as all the contrabands' dealers consider the colony as safe zone and no-go area for the police.
Sources said that some influential people inside the colony had established and then sold out the liquor distilleries. The wine makers sell out it to the contractors and young male and female addicts. There are four main drug and wine suppliers in the city and they all live in Christian Colony.
Sajid has been the main supplier of liquor for the last 12 years under the nose of Danewal police. He supplies every kind of local and imported wine to the buyers without any fear. Likewise, Razzak, Rizwan, Suneel and Arslan are the main drug dealers of the city who sell drugs to youngsters in broad daylight.
A famous political worker is running a point of narcotics and liquor in the middle of the city. As per details, at General Bus Stand, there is a building consisting of multiple flats owned by the political worker who sells every kind of drug, sources revealed. He has very strong relations with local police as even after repeated complaints, the police are not ready to close the drugs point.
Former District Bar Association president Maher Sher Bahadur Luk and Secretary General Masood Zafar said that these acts are against the bright future of the children. He said that if an honest and determined station house officer (SHO) is posted in the police station, the criminal activities could be stopped.
Social sector also condemned the black sheep of police for destroying the entire society due to fearless sale of drugs. They demanded strict action against the cops involved in extortion from the drug pushers. People said, "We have learnt that newly appointed DPO Omer Saeed has very stern stance against the drugs sellers as he said in his first speech so he should investigate the matter and take all suitable steps to save the society from these monsters." DSP Imran Rasheed said that the police would not allow the criminals to operate in the city.

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