The recently launched EVMs is the great leap towards electoral reforms. It is one of the best technological advancements for the fair conduct of elections. It will reduce the chances of vote tampering records and ensure transparency in the whole process of elections. The free and fair elections are the main objective of launching and introducing this innovative technological electronic voting machines.

EVMs can better serve the purpose of redressing the electoral rigging and any malpractice. The accurate records are maintained with authentication of the voters into the EVMs. The advent of such state-of-the-art technology (EVMs) was much awaited since long, but thanks to the incumbent government who took stringent efforts to successfully launch it for improving the credibility of the elections.

The technological use of EVMs is the need of hour for restructuring and reviving the entire process of the elections and the implementation of this technology will reshape the scenario of electoral process by making it transparent, free and fair.