KARACHI - Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with WANZ International Technology (WINT) to set forth the understandings and intentions between SSUET and WINT towards providing maximum facilitation to young Entrepreneurs/graduates in the business growth of their ventures through participating in foreign exhibitions. According to SSUET information on Sunday, Registrar Cdre (r) Syed Sarfraz Ali and Director ORIC, Dr Rabia Noor Enam on behalf of Sir Syed University, while Chief Executive Officer, Syed Aminullah Hussaini signed the MoU for WANZ International Technology. Mr Ameen Yousuf, President WANZ, Prof Dr Muhammad Aamir, Dean Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr Rehan Shams, Director Students’ Affairs, Dr Rabia Noor Enam, Director ORIC, and others attended the signing ceremony. SSUET offers Degree Programs to impart quality education in computer science and information technology. Degree programs focus on research development in specially designed IT research projects in computers, hardware & software engineering, IT, telecommunications, software technologies, high tech data analysis techniques and modern trends in CS/IT.


WANZ Int’l Technology (Pvt) ltd is part of Wanz Group of Companies that works for Event Management, Trade Shows, Fashions Shows, Products specific Expos together with composing of Delegations and B2B, Conferences/ Seminars etc.