NEW YORK - Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek opened up about the strug­gles she faced in the early days of her Hollywood career, saying she felt like nobody wanted her there, reported People. The 55-year-old looked back on her career on Sunday, while re­ceiving her star on the iconic Hol­lywood Walk of Fame and recalled how she almost got stabbed once in the early 90s as a young aspiring ac­tress. The Eternals star shared that a poor man who was “very messed up” had tried to attack her in the early 90s after she ignored his cat­calling. “Every time I thought about Hollywood Boulevard, this is what I remember,” she shared. The truth is that when I went home that night, I said ‘What am I doing here? Nobody wants me. I mean, I almost got killed today.’” Hayek also said she faced racism in the industry because of her Mexican heritage, sharing that one studio even told her, “Why don’t you go back to the (Mexican) telenove­las? You’ll never find a job here.”