Abbas Carpets commemorates 50 years of timeless artistry with opening of Karachi flagship store

KARACHI-Abbas Carpets has commemorated 50 years with the inauguration of flagship store in the vibrant, coastal city of Karachi. The opening was attended by art connoisseurs, enthusiasts, patrons and social stakeholders.
Established in 1973, Abbas Carpets has been one of great pride for Pakistan’s artisans with Abbas Carpets featured in the homes of global personalities such as Emily Blunt, Taylor Swift, Betsey Johnson, Bob Dylan, Jude Law, Rupert Murdoch; in various international hotels and luxury brand outlets such as Louis Vuitton Stores, The Bowery Hotel, The Beekman Hotel, Arts Club, Park Hyatt, Oakley Court, to name a few. Their carpets can also be seen on screen in Succession on HBO, Marvel’sDaredevil and Morgan Freeman’s Last Vegas.
“At Abbas Carpets, our legacy is in the artistry we’ve upheld, through our multi-generational history of carpet design and weaving. We are proud to have our carpets adorn some of the most beautiful homes, hotels and boutiques across the world,” remarked Haider Abbas, Creative Director Abbas Carpets. “This event commemorates not just our 50 years but the next chapter in our journey, bringing our art to the heart of Karachi.”
With over 60-million square feet of meticulously hand-knotted rugs, the new store introduces Karachi to a world where luxury meets tradition and where artistry creates a narrative within every fiber. The collection in Karachi ranges from Pakistani to Afghan weaves, organic vegetable dyes to perennial colours, from subdued matte to lustrous shiny textures.

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