Asserting that the Afghanistan-Pakistan border is the epicentre of terrorism, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said the goal of the Obama Administration is to protect the U.S. and its allies from terrorists living in this part of the world. "Our goal is to protect the United States, our allies, our friends around the world, from what is the epicentre of terrorism; namely, the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, Ms Clinton said in an interview with News Hour. "Some people say, well, al-Qaeda is no longer in Afghanistan. If Afghanistan were taken over by the Taliban, I can't tell you how fast al-Qaeda would be back in Afghanistan," she said. The Obama Administration is trying to sort out all of the different factors and come to the resolution based on the best information it has, she said. Ms Clinton said the new Afghan policy would be on hold till the new government in that country is in place. The results of the August 20 presidential elections are yet to be declared. It is taking an unduly long time than expected because of the large scale allegations of voters fraud.