PESHAWAR    -   The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Health Department has confirmed 284 more dengue cases in last 24 hours in the province.

According to reports, 126 cases have been reported from Peshawar and 66 from Mardan district.

Presently 124 dengue patients are admitted in various hospitals of prov­ince with 35 hospitalised in Pesha­war and 29 patients in Mardan.

The total number of dengue posi­tive cases have now crossed 5,264 and number of active cases are 1,729 while 3,529 people affected by den­gue have recovered successfully. To­tal six dengue related deaths are re­ported in the province so far.

Meanwhile, KP Health Department has increased the number of isola­tion wards for dengue patients after a spike in dengue positive cases in the Mardan and Khyber district.

The spokesperson for the health department said that isolation wards with 150 beds have been established in various health facilities of the Mar­dan district. He said that two tehsils of Mardan district, Takht-i-bahi and Babuzai have reported the highest number of dengue cases and all nec­essary arrangements including fumi­gation at marshy places.

He said that a dengue ward with 20 beds has been established in Mardan Medical Complex including in tehsil and district headquarters hospitals.

The spokesperson said that isola­tion wards with 50 beds have been established in the Khyber district.

The district administration said that so far more than 700 dengue-positive cases have been reported from all teh­sils of the district. The joint teams of the health department and tehsil mu­nicipal administrations have started surveillance, anti-mosquito sprays and awareness campaign to protect people from dengue fever.