Meritocracy is the bedrock of society, without meritocracy we cannot produce a good ruler, judge, engineer, doctor, bureaucrat, etc. Many months have elapsed, but Sindh’s predominant organization SPSC has yet to be in order. After the recent bill was passed by the provincial assembly, Sindh paved the way to functionalize the SPSC. It has been the talk of the town for malpractice and nepotism. Now, a glimmer of hope arises that it will be in effect very soon. Aspirants are hoping against hope that SPSC will be active shortly in this regard. In the wait, many aspirants have reached the age limits. Aspirants have driven from pillar to post and have been crying foul for relaxing in age limits for many weeks in order to take combined competitive examinations but the government has brushed their demand aside and dashed their hopes to become a bureaucrat and eventually many aspirants resorted to run-the-mill-jobs to make ends meet. Now, it’s the responsibility of the incumbent government to make a policy regarding age relaxation and it should be 35 years overall for CCE (Combined Competitive Examination) that a plethora of candidates can appear in the examination.