Amber Heard blackmailed directors to get ‘Aquaman 2’ after Johnny Depp case?

NEW YORK-Amber Heard has come under fire and been accused of ‘blackmailing her way onto the Aquaman 2 film. This revelation has been made by an insider close to the Hollywood inner circle and according to their revelation, rumours of Heard’s unfaithfulness towards Johnny Depp, and her alleged antics with producers and directors alike swirled around “even before the divorce drama started. It’s just a different tune now.” The insider also went on to admit, “Someone in Hollywood who is anyone has heard about Amber’s wild affairs, which implies Depp was aware of them as well. It was slowly killing him because he knew.”  The same source also questioned Heard’s ability to land the Aquaman role in the first place and admitted that “most big studios began distancing themselves from Amber Heard after the messy divorce simply because they didn’t want to upset Johnny Depp by hiring her.” Per LeeDaily, “And being one of the leads in the movie and only netting about USD$2 million for the job, that doesn’t seem fair. That’s why there are rumours that she’s been blackmailing Wan.”  “After seeing her in an intimate environment with James Wan and Elon Musk, many of us are beginning to questions. We are aware of the crazy things that the two of them did.” “Since before the trial, the studio has wished for her to leave. She does poor acting. They attempted to enact a contract clause that would have led to her termination, but James Wan battled to keep her on.” “The producers decided to reduce her screen time to only 10 minutes, the source said, adding that “again, James Wan pushed to restore her sequences. Something regarding his artistic vision and other things.” The source said that”I’m even more sure that ‘Aquaman 2’ will be the last Hollywood film you’ll ever see Amber Heard in since Hollywood has blacklisted her.” 

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