UNITED NATIONS    -   US President Joe Biden has made a strong and passionate call for extending help to Pakistan where floods have caused huge devastation.

“Pakistan is still un­der water and needs help,” the president told the 193-member UN General Assembly in its high-level de­bate, when he dealt with the adverse im­pacts of climate change here yesterday. The iconic hall of the Gener­al Assembly was packed to capacity with world lead­ers, including Prime Min­ister Shehbaz Sharif, when Biden spoke. The floods have killed over 1,500 peo­ple and displaced 33 mil­lion as the Pakistan gov­ernment, with the support of the UN and partners, is racing against time to help the distressed people. In his address, Biden an­nounced over $2.9 billion in new assistance to ad­dress global food insecu­rity, building on the $6.9 billion in US government assistance to support glob­al food security already committed this year. The compounding impacts of the pandemic, the deep­ening climate crisis, rising energy and fertilizer costs, and protracted conflicts – including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – had disrupt­ed global supply chains and dramatically increased global food prices, he said. A multi-year drought in the Horn of Africa had created a dire humanitarian emer­gency, with parts of Soma­lia at risk of famine for the second time in just over a decade, he added. He also focused on the war in Ukraine