KARACHI-Dengue cases have gone out of control in Karachi as 248 cases have been reported during the last 24 hours while 16 people died suffering from it in a single day, which is a high number, meanwhile, 105 new cases were reported in Islamabad on Wednesday.  It seemed that dengue is proving more dangerous than Covid because the number of cases and deaths are increasing with each passing day. 

As per data provided by Sindh Health Department, the deadly virus has claimed 16 lives in a single day taking the toll to 27 in this month.  A total number of 248 cases of dengue has been diagnosed in the city in past 24 hours while the number of people affected by dengue in the city is more than 3,285 and total tall has reached to 5, 492 during this year.  However, residents showed their dismay over authorities for not taking preventive measures to eliminate dengue. 

On the other hand, the dengue menace is still looming in Federal Capital as 105 new dengue patients have been brought to the hospital within a day in which 63 cases were reported from rural population whereas 42 in urban population and the total number of dengue patients has gone to 1,561 in this season. Moreover, five patients have lost their live due to dengue in the capital territory so far.