FPSC should revisit its Policy

 Weakness anywhere is a threat to strengths everywhere. The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is a federal agency of the Government of Pakistan that is responsible for recruiting civil servants and bureaucrats for the Government of Pakistan. No doubt, at strong bureaucracy may lead the country towards a prosperous future. Federal Public Service Commission had last year reached a decision of taking MCQ based preliminary test (MPT) necessarily before the written test; this was one of its best decisions to date. The reason for taking such a bold decision was to filter out the non-serious candidates which have been causing not only the delay in the result but also making the process more perplexing. Undoubtedly the decision was commendable for checking examination papers quicker and easier by eliminating non-serious candidates. On the contrary,  keeping 33 passing criteria will not help the Federal Public Service Commission to wipe out non-serious candidates completely. As per last year’s Federal Public Service Commission`s report, 99.5 of students passed the (MPT) MCQ-based preliminary test. It is high time for Federal Public Service Commission to keep 50 marks necessary for passing the MPT test which may bring only serious candidates to the written test.


Shaheed Benazirabad.A

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt