PESHAWAR    -   Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has principally approved the project for the promo­tion of Modern Policing through the introduction of Drone Technology adding that IT-based reforms are essential in every sector to ensure efficient services delivery. 

The Chief Minister directed the concerned author­ities to work out the necessary modalities within 15 days adding that initially the project will be imple­mented in the Police and Provincial Disaster Manage­ment Authority (PDMA) followed by its implementa­tion in Mining and Agriculture sectors. 

Chairing a meeting regarding the introduction of Drone Technology in the Police, PDMA, Mining and Agriculture sectors, Mahmood Khan clarified that the initiative will not only act as a force multiplier but will also make Khyber Pakhtunkhwa a pioneer in the use of modern technology. 

The meeting was informed that the introduction of drone technology will be carried out in Divisional Headquarters initially which is expected to help in at­taining better vantage points during operations, easy & safe monitoring of crime scenes, observance of ac­tive threats, delivery of weapons, operational surveil­lance, traffic control and handling of mob and proces­sions surveillance. Apart from its use in policing, the initiative will also help in fire/flood surveillance, res­cue operations, Public announcements, and delivery of rescue items. 

According to details, the project is expected to in­cur Rs 500 Million, including but not limited to the development of skill training & drones squad, the es­tablishment of repair and modification workshop, purchase of drones for operational use, traffic con­trol, mob surveillance, weaponized drones, thermal/Night vision/ infrared drones, lightweight transpor­tation drones and drones for announcements. 

It was informed in the meeting that an institution­alized approach would be adopted in promoting drone technology in the province for which proper structure has been proposed. 

The Chief Minister directed that preparation of a le­gal framework for successful implementation of the project, identification of areas for implementation of the technology and preparation of PC-1 for the pro­ject be completed within the specified timelines add­ing that the use of drone technology has become in­dispensable keeping in view the growing population, urbanization and access to hilly terrains in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

The Chief Minister directed to constitute a work­ing group headed by the Additional Chief Secretary to work out other areas and sectors for the possible use of drone technology.