LAHORE     -   Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Ch Parvez Elahi on Wednesday presided over a police confer­ence at Darbar Hall of the Pun­jab Civil Secretariat a day after he addressed a similar gather­ing of administrative secretar­ies at the same place. 

Addressing the police confer­ence, he said that no officer from Punjab will return to the federal government unlawfully with­out his permission. “The Punjab government can stop the officers constitutionally and lawfully under the public interest,” he maintained. He told the police of­ficers that the government would enhance the residential facilities for the officers in GOR. “The size of the big houses, residences of GOR will be cut down and apart­ments will be built as many residences in GOR consisted of 8-kanal areas,” he said. He said that with the construction of lat­est designed apartments in place of 8-kanal houses will cater the residential needs of the officers.

The CM disclosed that gov­ernment will set up 150 police patrolling posts, adding that the special force will be granted a special salary package in the ru­ral areas. He said that bunkers will be constructed in the rural areas, adding that the govern­ment would provide bullet proof vehicles, armed bullet proof jack­ets, and special trackers installed in the vehicles. The CM said that the common man should be giv­en speedy justice in the police station and asserted that it is the duty of the police to redress the grievances of every applicant vis­iting the police station without any discrimination. 

Parvez Elahi highlighted that when the attitude of a common man changes about the police only then the police culture will change. He asserted that the need for the common man should not arise to visit the police station fre­quently for the redressal of their grievances and FIRs. The CM di­rected that FIR should be strong according to law, adding that the investigation process should be improved and should be made ef­fective so that they should not es­cape punishments. He disclosed that the police officers holding law degrees will be made inves­tigation officers as losing the case by the police due to weak investi­gation causes embarrassment. 

The CM stated that the pa­trolling police force has been set up for the assistance of Pun­jab police, adding that we will also resolve other issues of the police. He said that we are pro­viding vehicles for the police and asserted that three copies of FIRs for monitoring should be sent to the CM Monitoring Cell, to the DIG concerned, and to the SSP concerned