ISLAMABAD    -    The Chairman Public Accounts Committee Noor Alam Khan on Wednesday termed Afghan ref­ugees ‘criminals’ and directed concerned federal secretary to make efforts for their early re­patriation. 

Furthermore, the committee also asked Secretary Law and Justice to prepare a bill to bar government servants from hold­ing dual nationalities. A meeting of the PAC was held at the Parlia­ment House in which the Secre­tary Ministry of States and Fron­tier Regions informed that at present there are 1.4 million reg­istered Afghan refugees in Paki­stan. He, however, explained that the actual number of afghan na­tionals living in Pakistan with fake identities is much bigger than the registered refugees and roughly they are in millions. 

PAC members expressed their displeasure over the situation as the Afghan nationals are roam­ing freely across the country without having their track re­cord with any government agen­cy and they blamed the afghan citizens for criminal activities in Pakistan. “The Afghan citi­zens illegally living in our coun­try are behind every crime rang­ing from the street crime to drug paddling”, Noor Alam Khan said, adding “the afghan nationals can murder anybody for the sack of few thousands rupees.” 

He said except Pakistan, all other countries contain the ref­ugees into limited areas but we gave them liberty to move around. He said we cannot allow our country to be turned into Iraq and Lebanon. 

Chairman PAC criticised the behaviour of afghan people liv­ing in Pakistan and said we are hosting them for a long peri­od of time but they abuse Paki­stanis on roads and chant slo­gans against our country. 

“Is it possible that any afghan national go to the United States and chant slogans against the country”, he questioned, criticis­ing; “But they are doing it in Paki­stan because we always took le­nient view about them”.

PAC members questioned Sec­retary States and Frontier Re­gions that why the government is not repatriating the afghan refugees besides passing three decades. The secretary respond­ed that it is not a simple issue as it seems. He said the issue has international implications and his subordinate ministry alone cannot take a final decision but it needs deliberations with the help of all stakeholders. 

The PAC after detailed discus­sion on the matter directed the Secretary States and Frontier Regions to improve its system and update the data and also di­rected to speed up the process of their early repatriation. 

Meanwhile, the Chairman NA­DRA Tariq Malik also appeared before the committee and briefed that he had introduced several measures to stop issu­ance of national identity cards to Afghan nationals. 

Later, the Chairman NADRA was grilled by the Chairman PAC over his dual nationality and he questioned why 16 dual nation­als including the Chairman had been appointed to main posi­tions in the authority. 

He said NADRA is a sensitive institution having records of all Pakistanis but it is being con­trolled by a Canadian citizen.