Shehbaz holds separate meetings with UNGA President, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, US Special Presidential Envoy on Climate Change John Kerry, WB president and IMF Managing Director n Says world community’s continued support can help Pakistan overcome the natural disaster.

NEW YORK   -  Prime Minister Sheh­baz Sharif held a series of meetings with world leaders including heads of International Mon­etary Fund and World Bank and highlighted the devastation caused by the floods in Pakistan and shared the coun­try’s perspective on cli­mate change and health of economy urging the world’s continued sup­port for the rehabilita­tion of flood-hit areas.

The PM is currently in New York to attend the UN General Assembly’s annual session and busy in holding side­line meetings with the world leaders.

During his meeting with US Special Presiden­tial Envoy for Climate, Mr. John Kerry, Shehbaz Sharif acknowledged the important role be­ing played by the Biden Administration to ad­dress climate change.

He appreciated Mr. Kerry’s personal lead­ership in raising aware­ness and seeking solu­tions to the climate change crisis.

He conveyed gratitude for immediate US as­sistance in the wake of the devastating floods in Pakistan. He empha­sized the need for con­tinued support from the international commu­nity, not only in the im­mediate recovery and relief efforts, but also during the subsequent reconstruction and re­habilitation phase The prime minister stressed that Pakistan contributed less than 1 per cent of the global greenhouse gas emissions; yet it was among the ten most vul­nerable countries to climate change. With over 1400 casu­alties; 33 million people dis­placed as climate refugees, out of which over 600,000 were pregnant women; four million acres of crops were destroyed; entire villages and livelihoods swept away; Pakistan was fac­ing an unprecedented natural disaster.

He underscored the impor­tance of United States’ lead­ership in enabling developing countries including Pakistan to deliver on their climate ac­tion commitments under the Paris Agreement by providing sufficient tools in the shape of Climate Finance, Technology Transfer and Capacity Building Assistance. Special Envoy Ker­ry expressed solidarity with the people and Government of Paki­stan and reaffirmed the US Ad­ministration’s continued sup­port in facing the challenges due to the floods. He said that the US was ready to engage with Pakistan to collaborate in re­building resilient infrastructure as well as other forms of sup­port that would avert such a cri­sis in future.

Both the sides agreed to con­tinue to closely focus on climate change and energy dialogue.

Meanwhile, US secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in the UN General Assembly.

The meeting took place in the Hall of the UN General Assem­bly. Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto was also present on the occasion. The PM thanked the US secretary of State for gener­ous US financial support for the flood victims.

In the brief meeting, bilater­al ties were discussed and the Prime Minister expressed sat­isfaction over the upward tra­jectory in the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Meanwhile, President World Bank Group, Mr. David Malpass and Ms. Karistalina Georgieva, Managing Director of IMF, sea­paretely called on Prime Min­ister Muhammad Shehbaz and discussed economic reforms agenda of the government.

During his meeting with the WB head, they discussed the World Bank’s ongoing en­gagement with Pakistan to strengthen its infrastructure, agriculture, rural and urban de­velopment, social service, as well as economic growth.

The prime minister appreci­ated the World Bank’s partner­ship with Pakistan and informed him about the government’s steps to introduce economic policies focused on strengthen­ing the economy, price stabili­ty and maintaining the sustain­ability of the external and fiscal sectors. He also highlighted the government’s pressing require­ments for additional investment and financial resources from global community to mitigate the devastating impact of cli­mate change on the people and economy of Pakistan.

The prime minister apprised him of the devastating impacts of the unprecedented cata­strophic floods in Pakistan. 

He thanked the World Bank Group for re-purposing the funds toward flood relief activ­ities and providing US$ 372 mil­lion. He underlined that Paki­stan made little contribution to climate change, yet it faced the impacts disproportionately. 

The World Bank president stressed that Pakistan must be prioritized for resilient recon­struction through the interna­tional community’s collective support. 

Malpass expressed sympa­thies and condolences over the loss and destruction caused by floods. 

He also committed to the re-purposing of US$ 850 million immediately to help Pakistan with its flood relief efforts