RAWALPINDI    -    The government has handed over three U.S. na­tionals to American authorities after completion of their jail term in the country over terrorism charges, reliable sources disclosed to The Nation on Wednesday.

The American nationals were arrested by Paki­stani law enforcement agencies in December 2010 from Sargodha, Punjab, on charges of using the in­ternet to contact militant groups, including Al-Qae­da, to carry out terrorist attacks inside the country. They were convicted and sentenced to 10 years by a special anti-terrorism court in Sargodha for con­spiring to act against the state of Pakistan.

The Pakistani authorities transported the three US nationals -- identified as Rami Zamzam, Ah­mad Abdullah Mini, and Amman Hassan Yammer -- from Adiala Jail to Noor Khan Airbase amid very tight security on September 12 (Monday) 2022 midnight, official sources said. A senior official of the Punjab Prisons Department has also con­firmed the deportation of three US nationals af­ter due process by the Punjab Home Department, Ministry of Interior, and the Pakistani Foreign Of­fice. In December 2010, officials of Pakistani in­telligence agencies and the police rounded up five young American nationals -- Umer Farooq, Waqar Hussain, Rami Zamzam, Ahmad Abdullah Mini, and Amman Hassan Yammer --from a town locat­ed near Mushaf Ali Mir air base Sargodha.