Drug shortage

Turbat, the largest city in Makran, grapples with a se­vere drug problem. The residents of Turbat are deeply entangled in the drug trade, a grave issue that permeates the community. Even the youth have fallen victim to this menace, with children be­coming ensnared in drug use. It is the responsibility of law enforce­ment agencies to curb this illicit drug trade.

Statistics reveal a grim reality, with 55% of deaths in Turbat at­tributed to drug addiction and 45% of the population engaged in drug-related activities. The im­pact of drugs on the lives of Tur­bat’s people is devastating, leading to widespread destruction.

We urge the government of Balo­chistan to take decisive action to address this issue and bring an end to this crisis. The question re­mains: Is it possible?



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt