Electrical woes

Reference to the letter “Electric­ity Bills” authored by Ms. Atiqa on September 20th, we understand that customers across the country may be concerned about their elec­tricity bills. However, it is impor­tant to understand that Pakistan’s power sector operates in a regulat­ed environment. This means that the price of electricity charged to customers across the country is determined by the Federal Gov­ernment and the regulator. KE and other distribution companies do not have any role in this process. We ensure that all relevant infor­mation regarding these charges is shared on customer bills and is also on our website for easy reference.

As for the query regarding their meter, we encourage Ms. Atiqa to use either of these methods of register­ing her complaint; calling 118, using KE’s WhatsApp service or KE Live App, message on KE’s social media platforms, or visit her nearest cus­tomer care center where our staff will be happy to assist her in finding a solution. In case there is an existing query, we request for the details so that we can address the same.

For information and guidance, we encourage customers to fol­low our social media pages where we post regular updates, and also remain available to assist them on their queries around the clock.



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