KARACHI   -   As many as 4,800 profiteers and shopkeepers across Sindh were imposed Rs7 million as fine for overcharging and not displaying the official pricelists. According to a report submitted to the Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister for Bureau of Supply and Prices, Dr Khatu Mal Jeewan, the officials of Bureau of Supply and Prices, along with the district administration, conducted operations across the province to curb the illegal profiteering and hoarding. So far during Ramadan, over 25,000 shops, fruit, vegetables sellers and other food vendors were checked across the province. About 4,800 profiteers and shopkeepers across the province were fined with Rs. seven million for non-availability of official price lists and profiteering. The report further said that fines of Rs4.225 million were imposed on more than 1,100 profiteers in Karachi division while about 1,100 profiteers were fined a total Rs1.724 million in Hyderabad. In Larkana division, 670 profiteers were fined a total Rs321,000, in Mirpurkhas Division 454 profiteers were fined Rs513,000 while in Shaheed Benazirabad 702 profiteers were fined Rs577,000. The report added that 719 profiteers in Sukkur division were fined a total Rs439,000. It should be noted that the officers of the Bureau of Supply and Prices, while providing their full assistance to the district administration, took part in the operation to nab profiteers and hoarders across the province.Dr Khatu Mal Jeewan said that illegal profiteering would not be tolerated at any cost and the profiteers will not be forgiven under any circumstances.