LAHORE    -   At least 500 traffic officers including five DSPs and 53 inspectors will be deployed on the route of the Youm-e-Ali procession to ensure smooth flow of traffic in the city. Chief Traffic Officer Muntazir Mehdi said that the traffic police officers will provide guidance to the motorists about the alternative routes due to closure of some roads owing to security reasons. Youm-e-Ali, observed on the 21st day of Ramazan, sees large processions across the city commemorating the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali.

Traffic Plan

According to the plan for Lahore, one SP, four deputy superintendents of police, 42 inspectors and more than 1,000 wardens, including 111 female wardens, will perform duty on the route of the main procession.

The Youm-e-Ali procession will begin from Mubarak Haveli inside Bhati Gate and culminate at Karbala Gamay Shah. Under the plan, traffic would be diverted to alternate routes from 19 points on the route of the procession.

Traffic coming from Shahdara will be diverted to the railway station, inner side Circular Road to Mori Gate, and traffic coming from Chauburji Chowk will be diverted from MAO College to Outfall Road.

Chief Traffic Officer Muntazir Mehdi said the traffic police have organised a very easy traffic plan for Youm-e-Ali to facilitate commuters. There will be no obstruction even on the route of the procession and wardens would guide people about alternate routes.

He said seven parking lots including Nasser Bagh, Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Mochi Gate Bagh, Data Darbar Eye Hospital, Central Model High School, Bagh Ali and Adda Crown had been established for participants in the procession to park their vehicles.