Water is an essential natural resource for the sustainability of life. The dynamics and distribution of water depend upon the physiographic and climatic settings of the landscape. The mountainous regions encompass an enormous variety of hydrological properties. Water scarcity in these regions is the foremost concern to meet the ever-growing needs of the population.

Complications in the investigation of groundwater in mountainous regions particularly Azad Jammu and Kashmir arise due to the frequently fractured rock formations. Groundwater exploration in these regions is the main concern for the proper water management system to cope with the issue of water scarcity. As the consequences of global warming are quite visible, the proper water management departments are needed especially in the mountainous regions where water flows through the mountains into the rivers. I would like to draw the attention of the masses to this grave issue through your newspaper. There should be proper management and exploration departments to overcome the problems of water shortage in Kashmir as people still cover miles to get water for their homes. Budgets should also be approved by the government for this purpose and research studies should be conducted. A step today would make a big difference tomorrow.


Azad Kashmir.