WASHINGTON : The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization, has called on Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker to apologize for his claim that there are only a "handful of reasonable, moderate followers of Islam."

Walker, who is governor of the state of Wisconsin, made that claim while campaigning in New Hampshire. "These types of inaccurate statements reflect a lack of understanding of Islam and Muslims that is, frankly, not presidential," CAIR Government Affairs Manager Robert McCaw, said in a statement. "If Mr. Walker believes only a 'handful' of Muslims are moderate or reasonable, then he is ignoring the very clear reality that violent extremists murder more Muslims than they do people of any other faith." CAIR recently called on Walker to drop a foreign policy adviser who once recommended using nuclear weapons on a number of Muslim-majority nations and for the deportation of undocumented immigrants "of Middle Eastern descent."

Walker later publicly distanced his campaign from that adviser. In his speech in Derby, New Hampshire, Walker said that President Barack Obama's administration tends to avoid characterizing the fight against terrorism as a fight against Islam.

"If you're fighting a war, you've got to identify who the enemy is loud and clear," Walker said. "We've said it repeatedly: It's radical Islamic terrorism." "It is a war against not only America and Israel, it's a war against Christians, it's a war against Jews, it's a war against even the handful of reasonable, moderate followers of Islam who don't share the radical beliefs that these radical Islamic terrorists have."