ISLAMABAD - Seeing harmony in the political ideologies of All Pakistan Muslim League and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf said that both these parties in alliance could defeat the monopolistic politics of Pakistan Muslim League and Pakistan People’s Party for the collective good of the public at large.

In a statement issued here by the party office in Islamabad, the APML chief invited PTI Chairman Imran Khan to think on these lines for launching a joint struggle against the corrupt and incompetent political parties which had ruled the country for successive terms but failed to bring any good to the people of Pakistan.

Strongly supporting the extension for the incumbent Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, the APML chief said that his extension would augur well for the ongoing war against terror and proposed that if General Raheel would be promoted as Field Martial even then he must continue as COAS as well because the division in command would not serve the purpose well.

To a question about the legal cases formed against him, the APML chief said that he will request Supreme Court of Pakistan to quash these cases. Once these political cases could end, I would lead my party from the front to make it most vibrant political party of the country.

General Musharraf said that the PML-N government has deteriorated the situation since it assumed the executive office. From law & order to economic situation, from foreign policy to internal matters everything is on the decline, he said.

Asif Ali Zardari announced that he will give a befitting reply (eent se eent baja den gay) if someone tried to disturb them, but he never looked back and went abroad after his statement, General Musharraf said. Zardari however gave a befitting reply to whosoever believed in democracy and looted the country, deteriorating every institution, he said.

The APML chief said that the judiciary should adjudicate the matters like Ayyan Ali, Panama Leaks and Model Town tragedy.

This PML-N government has formed no foreign policy till yet. It is the state of affairs that despite having so many competent people in this country, federal government still does not have a permanent foreign minister. Due to our week foreign policy, we have lost many of our friends and our relationships are tens with several friendly countries of the past, he added.

General Musharraf dispelled the impression that military has been forming foreign policy and said it is the federal government instead. If federal government could have strongly and aptly reacted to the situation, Brahumdagh Bugti and Narendra Modi could not have had the courage to hurl abuses at Pakistan. Unless we strengthen our own internal system and structure, we can gain no value in community of the world.

He said that he perceived Mehmood Khan Achakzai a wise man but he accused Pakistan’s intelligence agencies on the floor of the house and government did not respond to his jab. In India there were major incidents like Mumbai attacks but no one cursed their intelligence agencies and holds them culprit for the failure. To my assessment, Pakistan army, rangers and intelligence agencies are doing best what they could do.

General Musharraf said that India has changed its policy and instead of using its army it is attacking Pakistan through its western border of Afghanistan to destabilize the country. We should also adopt a tit-for-tat policy and should pay India in the same coin.

Pakistan government should tell India that if it keeps talking about Balochistan, the same could be done with it through Indian Punjab. General Musharraf said that India keep misguiding American government. In my visit to USA, I will tell their government that India is using Afghanistan against Pakistan. I will also tell that India has no historical, religious, ethnic or cultural ties with Afghanistan and it is only present in that country just to make Pakistan suffer.

In 2007 my government had to sign an agreement with the visiting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to resolve the issues of Sir Creek and Siachin. And there was also significant development on Kashmir issue. Due to a situation of unrest in the country at that time, Manmohan Singh did not come to Pakistan and we lost a golden opportunity, General Musharraf said. Talking about the Karachi situation, General Musharraf said that he has got no links with the tragic incidents of May 12, 2007. Some unidentified people fired bullets that day and there were causalities. To bring peace in Karachi, I eliminated No Go Areas from the city and crackdown on the terrorists. I utilised MQM in the larger interest of the country and my appointed Governor Sindh remained at the slot even during PPP and now PML-N government, General Musharraf also said.

Certainly there were maps of Jinnah Pur but I don’t know who made these, he added. If it were during my tenure that MQM has links with Indian intelligence agency RAW, I must have had inquired the matter.

In Karachi, MQM supports Mohajirs, PPP to its people from interior Sindh and ANP to Pashtun population. If we could end with this bifurcation, Karachi chaos could be minimised to at least 70 per cent, General Musharraf said. The APML chief said that he laments over the current situation of Pakistan. I don’t have any craze to become president or prime minister of the country, but I take pride in saving Pakistan, my role in its development and earning respect for the country. Whosoever comes in power and performs well, I will support him, he added.