Kashmir issue has never become stale in the last seven decades. What makes it evergreen is the stern behavior of India and its hostilities and atrocities inflicted upon Kashmiri freedom fighters. India’s stubborn attitude in asserting Kashmir an integral part and declaring Kashmir issue its internal matter has made the problem much graver. Kashmiris have been fighting for their right of freedom with the same passion and it will continue till they are free to live.

Much has been written on the Kashmir issue and time and again human rights organisations have supported Kashmiris but they could not be successful in helping Kashmiris to get their right of self-determination. UNO established to maintain world peace and security have failed to force India to follow UN Resolutions on Kashmir. In fact, it was India that took the Kashmir issue to UNO but later it refused to accept UN resolutions on Kashmir. At the end of the Cold War, new order was defined and it was thought that USA would be in a much better position to secure world peace under the umbrella of UNO but to no avail. All the flash points, especially the Palestine and Kashmir issues have been kept on the back burner. Alas! We find USA and UN speaking for the rights of individuals, but they could do nothing for the rights of nations. The soaring issues of Palestine and Kashmir have become burning issues and they can trigger world conflict.

For the last few weeks the situation in Kashmir appears a bit different. International organisations have been stepping up in favour of Kashmiris and condemning India and India’s cruel behavior towards freedom fighters. Voices are being raised in India on the latest cruel episode of Indian forces in Kashmir. Amnesty International has proposed immediate end of pellet guns use by security forces declaring, “Pellet guns are inherently inaccurate and indiscriminate, and have no place in law enforcement.”

Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Ayad Ameen Madani has also urged the international community to be more vocal, on the deteriorating human rights situation in Indian Held Kashmir. He said the situation in the valley is not an internal issue of India and greater effort should be made to expose human rights violations there. He also renewed the OIC’s support for the resolution of Kashmir dispute in accordance with the aspirations of the Kashmiri people and the UN Security Council Resolutions.

Pakistan, an important party to the Kashmir issue since 1946 has been vociferous in its unconditional support to Kashmiris and is clear in its policy of right of self-determination to be given to Kashmiris according to UN resolutions. Prime Minister of Pakistan rightly termed the situation in Kashmir as humanitarian crisis and offered best available treatment in the world to the Kashmiris who were victimized by pellet guns of Indian security forces. Pakistan UN representative Maliha Lodhi has condemned India’s attitude as non-serious in resolving the Kashmir issue. In response to PM Nawaz Sharif’s letter to UN secretary General, Ban ki Moon deplored on the going human rights situation in Kashmir and has urged India to resolve the Kashmir issue through dialogue.

Here one thing is very important that UNO and international community should not only persuade India, they should pressurize India to stop human rights violation in Kashmir and find the solution according to UN resolutions on Kashmir. International community has to make India realise that Kashmir is not an internal issue of India. India should consider Kashmiris an important party in finding solution to Kashmir Issue. Kashmiris are free to decide their fate according to the Division Plan of the Subcontinent 1946, and this right has been recognised by international organisations. Kashmiris have flowed their blood to free themselves. It has been seven decades that they are determined for it. India’s stern policy has failed to weaken the confidence of Kashmiris. One generation has sacrificed its whole life to secure the rights of next generation. Kashmiris are not mere raising slogans for freedom. They have fertilised their freedom movement with blood and it has been proved that such passionate and determined movements never die without achieving their purpose.

There is no doubt in the sincerity of Pakistanis and the government of Pakistan in their support to Kashmiris but there is a lot to be done. Though the international community is condemning India for human rights violations in Kashmir yet they force India to give weightage to Kashmiris, Pakistan and UNO as equally important parties in the issue. Our Quaid stated Kashmir was the jugular vein of Pakistan but unfortunately his successors lacked the vision to get freedom for Kashmiris.

One point raised by the intellectuals is very valid that Pakistan should made Kashmir policy as a permanent feature of Pakistan’s foreign policy and all governments should pursue this policy with the same passion as the present government is following. Continuity of efforts will bring fruits. Likewise, we should avoid politicising the Kashmir issue just for point-scoring or to satisfy the sense of criticism. Kashmir is equally important for all parties because it’s important for Pakistan and above all for the Kashmiris themselves. We need to do more and more for the Kashmiris until they are free.