ISLAMABAD - Masscom Solutions Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Qamar Chaudhry, who is organising first ever pro-wrestling events in Pakistan, has announced international wrestlers will be brand ambassadors of Pakistan Sweet Homes worldwide and carry the mission of Zammurad Khan across the globe.

International wrestlers including Badshah Khan along with Flesh Gordon, promoter from France and European champion Tinoy Iron, visited Pakistan Sweet Homes (PSH) on Monday where they were warmly welcomed by PSH chief patron Zammurad Khan and 400 orphans.

Qamar announced to establish free-of-cost special enclosure for the PSH kids wherever the pro-wrestling events would be conducted throughout Pakistan. He also announced to provide special training to all the orphans recommended by Zammurad and that too at their own expense.

He said: “From now on, the PSH sports events will be participated by pro-wrestlers and we will contribute in the best way. Wrestling is very popular sport in the world, but unfortunately, it is dying in Pakistan. We had produced quality champions, who ruled the subcontinent for decades and had beaten Indian wrestlers in free style wrestling, but now this art is almost dying. We have contacted free style wrestling greats in Gujranwala. We have chosen Gujranwala with the basic purpose and keeping in mind the contributions of this city towards wrestling.”

Sharing his views, French national of Pakistani origin Badshah Khan said: “From now on, I am part of Pakistan Sweet Homes. I would love to impart training to the angles of the PSH. Pro-wrestlers are completely different from other sporting icons. We will never forget this visit, and it is my gentleman promise that we will always take onboard the angles of this organisation and I salute Zammurad Khan, who is doing a marvelous job.

“It is never been easy to take care of 4000 kids both male and female without any lust. I must appreciate him and urge others to help him in best possible way. Nobody can alone run such a huge organization. Sports icons of Pakistan especially cricketers should step forward and engage the PSH angels. The PCB and other federations must allocate special enclosures for the kids of the PSH,” he added.

Sharing his views European champion Tinoy Iron, who started his speech with Salam to Pakistan and termed his visit to the country the most remarkable, said: “All the credit of inviting us to Pakistan goes to Badshah Khan. He is a complete professional and rates Pakistan very highly. I had been to different places for the last four days, but trust me, my visit to the PSH made me very relaxed and comfortable. I enjoyed a lot the love and appreciation, the angles of PSH gave me. I would love to do whatever I can for the PSH and from now on, it is not only home of the PSH angels but also mine.”

Sharing his views, promoter of international wrestlers Flesh Gordon said: “I never witnessed such an organised institution for the orphans in the world. They are highly disciplined and despite not understanding what they were singing for us, I was really enjoying their passion and determination. The way they fought with Badshah and Tinoy Iron was amazing. I had found quite talented kids and would love to pick them for training not only in Pakistan but would also train them abroad. I am quite sure a number of these kids could become top professional wrestlers and carry Pakistan flag high in the wrestling world.”

Sharing his views, PSH patron Zammurad Khan thanked Qamar Ch, Badash and others for sparing time from the PSH kids. “The presence of international wrestlers in Pakistan is a slap on the faces of terrorists. Their presence here is a clear indication that Pakistan is a completely safe for all kinds of sporting events.” He also thanked Qamar and others for making so many announcements for the angles of the PSH.

The highlight of the event was that 11 PSH kids wrestled with international wrestlers and they were dressed like professional wrestlers.

At the end, Shahid, who lost his legs in a bomb blast in Waziristan, presented shields to the visiting dignitaries.