LONDON - Former Doctor who star Jenna Coleman dismissed rumours of a romance with Prince Harry. The 30-year-old looked unimpressed as she was asked a cheeky question about the world’s hottest bachelor while on U.K. breakfast TV show Good Morning Britain on Monday.

The actress, who was promoting her new role as a young Queen Victoria in a new ITV series based on the monarch’s life, politely smiled after host Kate Garraway probed her for details on her relationship with the royal. “There have been pictures of you and Prince Harry. I’m assuming you were together for research, for the Royal Family?” Kate jokingly asked Jenna.

The actress lowered her smile, and replied, “No, he is a friend of mine.”

Host Kate continued the embarrassing questions, even adding the Royal Family were keen to get Prince Harry married off to the actress.

Fans took to Twitter following the cringeworthy grilling Jenna faced, with one writing, “Kate Garraway certainly peed off Jenna Coleman with that comment!”, while another posted, “Jenna Coleman is so professional literally I don’t know how she does it.”

Jenna sparked the romance rumours with the 31-year-old prince in June last year (15), when they were snapped looking cosy following a charity polo match.

The pair was sitting close, with Harry’s hand on her knee and Jenna gazing adoringly into his eyes. The actress previously dated Game of Thrones star Richard Madden, and they reportedly split before Jenna was seen with Harry.