New Delhi : RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat praised the Atal Bihari Vajpayee governments’ Kashmir policy and said that Kashmir issue would have been resolved if the former prime minister had stayed in power for a little longer.

Earlier, Bhagwat said that the Kashmir issue was not just J&K’s problem, and could be solved if people of the entire country saw it as their problem too. He said that the Vajpayee government had almost solved it. (Slowly, slowly, constantly striving, the Atal government had reached a stage that, if the same attitude had continued, one or two years more, the Kashmir problem would have ended… A solution was being reached, the problem was about to be finished. But governments changed, policies reversed).”

RSS chief Bhagwat further said that “People have problems due to bad governance in Kashmir. So much money is spent, the whole country is contributing… (but) there is no development, no jobs. This can be corrected only by the government, administration. And another thing, because of all that has happened all this while, the anger that it has generated, that has to be addressed).”