Khadim-e-Punjab Schools Programme

In order to promote quality education, the Punjab government has approved the Khadim-e-Punjab Schools Programme for construction of additional classrooms in schools all across the province. As per the plan, thousands of additional classrooms will be constructed at a cost of Rs 15 billion and result in better education facilities to the students in the province. Moreover, it is also praiseworthy to mention that besides building additional classrooms, construction work will also be carried out speedily on rehabilitation of dilapidated buildings of schools. 

Since education is among the top priorities of government therefore, a number of other revolutionary steps have also been taken which are unprecedented in the history of the country. The persistent efforts by the government have resulted in significant increase in its allocation for education i.e. Rs313 billion in the current financial budget. Furthermore, the government has awarded 150,000 scholarships worth Rs7.5 billion to bright and deserving students who otherwise don’t have enough means to bear their educational expenses. 

With the aim to benefit children belonging to less affluent and underprivileged areas, the government introduced Education Voucher Scheme. In order to bring technological revolution and to spread the use of computers amongst the college/university level students, the government also initiated Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Programme. It is hoped that government will continue making efforts to provide quality education to each and every doorstep and consequently Pakistan will soon be among the countries with highest literacy rate. 


Lahore, August 15. 

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt