LAHORE - The only South American male Llama in Lahore Zoo died yesterday apparently of ‘cardiac arrest’, leaving behind female Guanaco of same species in a continuous state of sadness.

It was brought at Lahore Zoo in 2006 at the age of six years.

The dead body of Llama was shifted for postmortem to University of Animal Sciences.

According to Lahore Zoo officials, the male Llama died suddenly in his enclosure and it seemed the reason behind the death was cardiac arrest. However, for the final comment, they were waiting for the postmortem report.

Guanaco also falls under same species of Llama. There is only one female member of specie left at Lahore Zoo after the death of male Llama last week.

Lahore Zoo Director Shafqat Ali told The Nation that male Llama had almost finished his natural life. Llamas typically live for 15 to 25 years, with some individuals surviving 30 years or more.

The Llama is a South American camelid - a kind of camels - and has been widely used as a meat and pack since the Pre-Columbian era. They are very social animals and live with other llamas as a herd and are considered among the intelligent species of animals which can learn things.

Llamas also breed in Australia.

Officials said the Llama showed no change in his behaviour days before his death and was taking proper feed.

Lahore Zoo planned to purchase the animals and birds from the budget approved for financial year 2016-17 of Rs25 million.

According to details, 1 pair of White Lion at the cost of Rs8 million, one male White Tiger for Rs4.5m, one pair of Sindh Ibex for Rs1m, one pair of Cheetah for Rs 6.5m, one male Brown Bear for Rs0.6m, one pair of Wallaby White Rs0.9m, 5 pair of Tortoise for Rs0.5m, 2 Trio of White Crested Kalij Pheasant for Rs80,000, and 2 pair of Humalian Monal Pheasant at Rs90,000.

The zoo also plans to buy 2 pair of Tragopan Pheasant, 2 trio of Reeves Pheasant, one trio of Jaba Green Peafowl, one trio of Kemio Peafowl, 5 pair of Mandrine Duck , 5 pair of Carolina Duck, 2 pair of Mute Swan, 5 pair of Common Shell Duck, 2 pair of Bar eaded Geese, 5 pair of Rosella Parrot, 5 pair of Red Lorri Parakeet and 5 pair of Chakor.

All birds and animals will be purchased in different intervals of time for fiscal 2016-17. The import animals will be carried out in accordance with The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora which is an international agreement between governments aim to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.

Answering a query, officials said Lahore Zoo recently organised a training seminar for the staff to educate them about preventing and identifying the Congo virus from animals. “We have conducted the survey and animals at Lahore Zoo have no imminent threat of Congo virus.”