FAISALABAD-The agents illegally working in and around the local passport office have been completely eliminated as now the applicants can deposit passport fee in all branches of National Bank for the purpose, an officer said.

In a meeting with FCCI President Chaudhry M Nawaz, Riaz Shah Assistance Director Immigration & Passport Faisalabad said that a number of steps have been taken to facilitate the people intending to get passports. He said that a comprehensive crackdown was launched against the agent mafia in collaboration with local administration.

“Cases were also registered against the persons extorting money from the innocent people,” he said and added that procedure to get the passport has been totally streamlined. The applicants can deposit their fee in any branch of National Bank. No unnecessary documents are required to get the passport except original Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) for their identification, he said.

He said that all applicants are treated equally on merit; however priority is given to the senior citizens, government employers, pregnant women and sick individuals. He further said that the procedure to get fresh passport along with its renewal has been displayed prominently in the local office while announcements are also made requesting people not to fall prey to the mafia.

He said that after 2:00pm, the members of the FCCI are facilitated, however if they have any emergency and want to visit passport office earlier, they should get advance appointment to avoid any inconvenience. He said that ordinary passport is provided within 12 working days while urgent passport is delivered within 4 days. Nawaz expressed satisfaction over the “excellent” working of the office. He assured that flexes containing details of procedure to get passport would be displayed in the city for the awareness of the general public.

He said that the security in the office should be improved while steps also been taken for the safety of the official record. He said he would write a letter to the director general Immigration and passport to construct a store with racks on the upper story of the existing building of Passport Office for the safety of record.