LAHORE - Punjab Skills Development Project (PSDP) has conveyed to the government the non-cooperative attitude of some consultant firms and also that some departments do not provide the information required to meet Punjab Growth Strategy 2018 goals.

The growth strategy focuses on human development by ensuring quality jobs through technical training courses.

Official sources told The Nation that the PSDP Project Director (PD), in a meeting, held the other, had said, “The Punjab Implementation Unit (PIU) is facing some severe problems so it would be hard to meet the targets.”

He said the PSDP had achieved targets of three Disbursement-linked indicators (DLIs) for (2015-16) whereas, non-achievement of targets of  DLI 1 and 2 was due to the poor performance of TA firm (Particip-Giz Intl) hired for the purpose.

He further said that despite extending full support and cooperation and holding capacity building sessions to acclimatize them with the need and requirements of the sector, the firms had failed to deliver on contractual commitments.

He further told the meeting that the other TA firm, TTT-Skills Intl, was also not performing as per contractual obligations.

Moreover, as per minutes of the meeting, the chair had advised that both the firms be informed that their performance was not up to the mark, and would hamper the efforts to achieve the set targets.

The chair had also directed that Services and General Administration, Punjab (S&GAD) be asked for the provision of transport. The Planning and Development (P&D) chairman suggested procuring vehicles on rent till regular transport was arranged.

While presenting the PSDP performance, he told the meeting that the unit had demanded the CM Office to approve vehicles, which the CM rejected. He expressed the fear that further delay in arranging transport could affect achievement of targets.

Moreover, he said that the seat of additional PD had been lying vacant since long and could be converted into a post of Deputy Director.

The PD then presented achievements against targets set for 2015-16 and targets planned for 2016-17.

It was informed that the PIU held meetings throughout the year with the administrative departments and the targets were changed as per actual capacity.

Further, yearly targets are fixed on the basis of performance of the previous year, training capacity, facilities and consent of the department.

It was also told in the meeting that the manpower planned to be trained by TEVTA had been reduced to 130000 for 2016-17 vis-à-vis achievement of 173000 for 2015-16.

While on the other hand, the representative of PVTC explained that targets for the year had been successfully met.

“The targets for 2016-17 have been increased,” the representative said, adding additional funds would be needed to maintain the momentum in the years to come. On this, the chair advised TEVTA and PIU PD to reset the targets through mutual consultations.

He told there were 19 departments imparting training, eight administrative departments (Ads) with capacity building and awareness facilities and 16 were non-training Ads.

It was proposed that some departments, including Home Department, Information and Culture, Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries and Cooperative department might be assigned additional training targets.

It was decided to increase the targets set for the administrative departments, while to rationalize targets set for TEVTA institutions.

It was also decided that departmental training may be extended to fulfill the needs of market and industry.

The decision was also taken to explore options in the service sector to harness its full potential.