Right person for the job

One of the biggest reasons for bad governance in Pakistan is that we have failed to place the right person at the right place/post. Right from the presidents/prime ministers of Pakistan till an officer in a district, we have successively failed to place the right people. 

At the political arena, we make a choice of those persons as ministers for various departments at the federal and the provincial set ups for which they prove to be a wrong choice simply because of their having no prior education, experience, vision and guts for running the affairs of these ministries. There are various ministries for which we require persons having sufficient education and knowledge about these departments such as agriculture, religious affairs, finance, health, law, etc. 

At the bureaucratic level, we see the placement of those officers who badly lack necessary education and experience of working on technical, financial, and legal posts. There is a need to post right person at the right place. Only then we will be able to get the required results within an assignment. 


Karachi, August 15. 

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt