SPSC and Waiting List for CCE-13

The Combined Competitive Examination 2013(PCS 2013) was conducted by SPSC in the month of April 2015 for recruitment into different Departments of Sindh Government whose result was announced on March 16, 2016. Interviews have come to an end by now. I want to draw attention of the concerned authorities and our new CM to this issue, that many of the written qualified candidates in this exam are with jobs and as such if they don’t opt for the allocated departments those seats will go vacant and will be carried over for next exam, which may be conducted after 5 to 8 years.  

This situation will create a lot of frustration among unemployed candidates as those unallocated seats will go vacant despite the fact that there were many other deserving candidates aspiring for those vacant posts. It is requested to the Government of Sindh as well as to SPSC to introduce the system of a wait-list to allocate those vacant seats to next candidate in line. This exam consumes a lot of energy, time and money of the government institutes as well as of the candidates and hence remaining unallocated in spite of vacant seats adds to the miseries of the unemployed candidates. It is therefore pleaded that those seats that go vacant, because some qualified candidate already had a good job than the one allocated, be allocated to next candidate in merit list. 


Hyderabad, August 15. 


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