Because the same standards ought to apply to both the Kardashians and that girl from your high school who shills for protein powder that tastes like mushrooms and despair, someone's finally cracking down on the family's Instagram posts "that do not clearly or conspicuously disclose their relationships with the companies being promoted in the posts as is required by law."

Page Six reports that Truth in Advertising Inc. has sent Kris Jenner a legal letter accusing her daughters of engaging in "deceptive marketing campaigns" and threatening to notify the Federal Trade Commission by Wednesday unless all the issues are "fully corrected." (AKA having a social media manager/intern/North and Penelope go through and tag #ad or #spon.)

Several posts have already been amended, which is perhaps the sign of a lesson learned from when Kim was compelled to delete and repost—with health warnings—an ad for Diclegis, the morning sickness drug.

COURTESY: Marie Claire