HAFIZABAD-The ‘arthis’ and traders of fruit and vegetable market Hafizabad staged a rally in protest against heaps of garbage and uncleanness in the market, blaming the Market Committee indifference as the reason for the problem.

They said that the market Committee authorities have failed to take pain for lifting the filth and rotten fruit and vegetables from the market premises.

Mehr Arshad Mehmood, president of the association said that the stink emanating from the heaps of filth and rotten fruit and vegetables made their lives miserable. “If timely action is not taken for lifting the filth, some epidemic might breakout in the area, he warned. The protesters said that it is pity that no sweeper or supervisor visits the market since long. They further said that all the arthis and traders are paying market fee and other taxes but the authorities have absolutely failed to provide sanitary condition in the market.

They called upon the Hafizabad DCO to take prompt action against the market committee officials so that sanitation could be improved.